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The Firebird Mage Trilogy

The Fierbird mage Trilogy follows Nanaari's path as a student in Splendid Coast to establishing their legacy in Thea's Thunder. A powerful mage, Nanaari just wants a quiet life. Until he comes to terms with being part of a prophecy. Realizing he will have to fulfill it to create a safe enough world for his goals. So he can help raise the next generation of change makers.

1. Trial by Fire

Born in Nomad's Gift, Nanaari began studying at Splendid Coast's University when their parents pass away. Bullied as a child, they come into their own as they discover their identity. But overcoming trauma involves learning who one's true friends are, and Nanaari learns that Splendid Coast is not safe for those who are different. 

Trial by Fire cover art_edited.jpg

2. Path Through Embers

After Nanaari flees to Thea's Thunder, they navigate finding their chosen family. For once, finding true friends. That accept Nanaari unconditionally. Helping them navigate a challenging world.

Path Through Embers cover art v2_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

3. Rebirth of Firebird

In the conclusion of The Firebird Mage trilogy, Nanaari is finally able to overcome loss.  Establishing his found community. Starting a family. And reaquanting with those they thought were lost.

Rebirth of Fierbird coverart_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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